A Tale from the crypt…

Royal Television Society Award Winner for Best Sound for ‘Dipper from the Water of Leith’

Red Eye Sound Design was conceived back in 2009 and went online in 2012 with the idea to bring affordable sound design to production companies who require professional audio post production. Since going live we have expanded our philosophy of great sound design to include on set recording, field recording, audio editing, mixing as well as commercial sound effects (SFX) and ebooks on the subject of our passion creating the ultimate audio experience.

Red Eye Sound Design is an audio production company specialising in audio design for moving images. The sound design which we offer is an exclusive audio experience that caters for animations, games and short films. Dependant on your budget and requirements we offer a tailor made solution that can provide freshly recorded audio or sound effects taken from the in house library of sound effects. Whatever your requirements Red Eye shares your appreciation of the moving image and will deliver the very best audio experience. Our passion with sound design gets bigger and bigger with every job, every idea and every thought. We passionately believe that the ideas and innovation which we submit to our clients will always be thought provoking which in turn provide guidance to provide for a perfect solution. This same passion and energy from our team is always put into every enquiry/job resulting in full customer satisfaction.

We also offer audio editing on existing projects that need that extra flair to make the medium have more impact and professionalism. Our in house engineers are more than capable of taking care of your sound design requirements, recording sessions, either out field recording collecting fresh sounds including backgrounds, foley or sound effects as well as running recording sessions for voice actors for voice overs (V/O) as well as offering voice direction and advice on the best way to deliver speech for maximum effect in order to bring the narration and your story to life.

We can take your project to the next level either from being involved from the outset of pre-production, offering guidance by advising on the audio quality of the chosen locations and what problems will be encountered, through the filming stage with our production sound mixers and boom operators who are skilled and ultra-professional on set, all the way through the post production stage laying out the sound design including back grounds to set the scene, foley to bring your characters to life, sound effects to give your project extra realism and dialogue editing in order for your story to be delivered to maximum effect all the way through to the final mix.